Ot Pi Isern was born in Esplugues de Llobregat ( Barcelona ), son of Pere Pi ( a former Motocross, trial and race Spanish Champion rider) and Maria Isern Marti, very soon, he began in the motorcycle World by taking part in a motocross event held in September, 1977. He used a motorcycle made by his father and on the next day, by taking part in a trial event. Ot let the motorcycle after having had a bad experience in a fall. However, he followed with his bicycle, in the home garden, imitating his idols of those days: Martin Rathmell and Ulf karlsson, official Monty riders . It was then when his father, Pere Pi saw the possibility of a new sport and in this way the sport of the Trialsin was born in 1980.

Trialsin ( trial without engine ) was a sport well known and entered into all the Spanish houses since the beginning thanks to: Montesa by making a special and spectacular bicycle "Montesita T-15" and a promotional video released in all the Spanish cinemas and the ET film as well.

Ot got his first International success in 1982: European Champion in the Alevin category and with only 14 years old got the absolute second place with the Monty brand ( his brand of all his life ), with 15 years old got the World second place absolute and in 1987 with 16 years old reached the top level of the podium ( his great dream ).

With his title at his hands and his great shows at the motorcycle trial indoors made of him to be famous around the World and considered to be the best Spanish cyclist.

In 1988, he went to USA, there, he got himself a name and he had to take one of his most important decisions of his life: To stay in USA, performing trial with motorcycle or to come back to Spain and follow with the trial with bicycle. He took the Trialsin well confident and without any regret, a question he had to reply many times.

In 1989, he got his first World Indoor Cup and made his first trip to Japan, invited by Hiroshi Hirano. Later, he visited this country for more than 40 times getting to be an idol.

In 1990, he took part in a film called " Ice, Fire and Dinamite" with Roger Moore and in the same year, his first commercial video was released: " Technic of Ot Pi " In 1991, the " Club Ot Pi " was set and organized more than 100 events and among them a World Biketrial cup held in his home village Esplugues del Llobregat.

In 1992, just being set the BikeTrial, he had one of his best years, no losing any competition , three World records ( Jump at 4.90 m., jumping 22 persons without ramp and 1.19 cm. height jump. He won the World Championship in the two top categories: Elite 20" and in Master 26".

In 1995, he began his contract with Red Bull which lasted till the end of his sportive life In 1996, he got the Guinness record by getting up the top of the Hotel Arts building in Barcelona and got the second prize in a famous TVE programme " Que apostamos" with more than 500 sets In 1997, he got up a height of 1.75 cm. without ramp.

In 1998, the Ot Pi Park and museum were inaugurated in Japan In 2000, he got the Guinness 2.90 m. length jump record In 2003, he got the second place in the World Championship, 20 years always at the World podiums, except in the European Championship in 1996 who got the 4 place.

In 2004 , he reached the " Peñon D'Ifach" without any dab on the ground In 2006, his fourth DVD \" Biketrial Psycho\" was released being a referent in the Biketrial sport.

In 2008, he got over a World record by getting up the " Jin Mao" building in Shanghai in 39 m. and 38 s. accredited by the U.C.I.

Bicycle on display at the museum and viewpoint of Shanghai's Jin Mao

In 2011, his biography is published and his own web site is made focused to the help of rebuilding the Japan country.


In 2011 picked up in the hands of the Infanta Cristina the Medal of Order of Sporting Merit.


  • 12 times World Champion.
  • 8 times World Cup Champion.
  • 4 times European Champion.
  • 1 time winner of the American Championship (USA).
  • 18 times Spanish Champion.
  • 2 times Champion of the Spanish Cup.
  • 4 World Records.
  • 3 Guinness Records (one of them in the Jin Mao Tower of Shanghai).
  • Prize to the best Spanish cyclist on 1987.
  • Barcelona's Rotary Club Prize.
  • 2nd classified of all the editions of the program of TV "Qué apostamos", with more than 500 tests.
  • Mention to the "Gold Book of the Catalan Sport".
  • A Museum and a Park with his name in the town of Itadori (Japan).
  • First person to cimb a mountain on a bicycle without putting the feet on land (Peñón de Ifach).


  • Technic of Ot Pi
  • Ot Pi Dream
  • Ot Pi School
  • Bike Trial Psycho