Japan, my great country, my best recognition and my formation as a person.

Everything began in 1988, when Mr. Hiroshi Hirano came to Spain on the occasion of the World Championship event held in Avia ( Catalunya). In those days, I had already visited more than 40 countries except Japan, so I had many wishes to visit it.

After some talking with Hiro, as we call him, during his stay in Catalunya, I told him that I would like to visit his country, no matter the conditions and he responded that he would try to do so by organizing an international event for the first time in Japan.

On the next year, in May 1989, I was already flying to Japan for the first time, my dream has turned to be a reality !!!!!!!., being the first trip to the country of the rising sun from the 43 ones which followed later. All these trips have meant a lot towards my person by learning a great deal and being surprised at every trip and overall my formation as a person.

Undoubtedly, without Hiro, Ot Pi would not be who is actually in Japan. Many thanks Hiro.

In this section of the web site. I have underlined great moments while I was in Japan, I expect to be of the pleasure of everyone, and if you have a photo by me or riding etc ., please send it to the mail address: <a href="mailto:info@otpi.com"> info@otpi.com</a> and it will be published.

I am so grateful to Japan that I took the determination to help this country with anything at my hand after the earthquake of the past Mars 11. So part of the profits of the web site and the sales on line are to be handed to the "Red Cross" organization in Japan. Besides with the help of Monty and Hiro, a special bicycle has been made in order to be used in the areas being effected by the great disaster. The official presentation is to be at the " Museo Olimpico" in Barcelona, being present: The Japan consul in Spain and Hiroshi Hirano.